Friday, February 19, 2010

Swapping postcards is fun!!

Postcards I've received:

From iHanna (Hanna)
from StudioMailbox
from Michelle Ward
from Shannon
So much prettyness!! Thanks!! I even received a postcard today! Will take a picture and post about it later. I feel so lucky to get all these beautiful handmade cards in the mail.

Some of the postcards I made for the swap:

I had so much fun making them!!
Thanks to iHanna for hosting this swap, and for the postcard she sent me!! :D (see first picture in this blogpost)


Carlin said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your post cards (sent and received) are beautiful!

Tracey said...

I received your postcard today! Thank you, it was so lovely! I will be hanging it up with all the others from the swap so that I can enjoy them all. Thanks for playing!

Carmen said...


Surfbunny said...

Woohoo! I received your beautiful raven and black swan postcard on Saturday in TEXAS, USA.

Thanx for sharing in the swap, I like it a lot.

Sacred Gypsy said...

I received your wonderful postcard today, thank you! This swap has been great

Leslie said...

The postcard swap was so fun! I got one from Michelle also.