Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lots of work... I've been a little bit busy lately. But I love the thought of receiving salary 3 fridays in a row. It is not all that bad having three jobs. It is good doing different things; then I don't get tired of what I do so easily.

I just came from work now; and have to leave the house again in less than two hours. But tomorrow I will make a long-long entry; filled with nice-nice pic's and stuff. YEY!! I've made a few journal pages and some small things in Polymer Clay (Fimo).
I'll show you tomorrow ok... :D

take care

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This and that...

My good good friend Agnes.. We had so much fun yesterday. She is now packing her things and moving to Oslo next week. Hope to get to visit her soon :)
Have you read this book? If not -consider reading it. It is one of my all time favorites.
Here's a resume from Bookcrossing:
Ronald Forrester is an english forester in Simla, India, where he came to see what life was like in, ironically, a country without trees. In 1918 during a violent which floods the country, this difficult and tacturn man encounters a young woman called Armrita in a cave. After an expert and violent sex scene, the englishman is killed by the flood and Armrita is taken to Agra to be married to Razdan, a distinguished court pleader who belongs to one of the highest and most distinguished castes in all Hindustan. Some months later, Armrita gives birth to a son, Pran Nath, who is actually Ronald Forrester's child, and dies after delivering the baby. A few years later, when Razdan learns that his son is the "bastard child of a castless, filth eating, left-and-right-hand confusing englishman", he dies of shock. Now an orphan, Pran Nath is thrown out of the house by the cowkidar and becomes one of the many homeless of Agra. So begins the epic life of a young boy of 6 in India. His odyssey-like journey will take him from Agra to the red light district of Bombay, then brick cloisters of the University of Oxford and finally to Fotseland, in Africa. It is the sad story of a man never understanding who he really is, neither really Indian nor really english, despite all his efforts. Mr. Kunzru meditates on the construction of identity, self-deprecation, miscege-nation and racism in an ambitious and remarkable 1st novel.

Home-made fridge magnet. Very fun and easy to make.
Painted Eye of Horus..


Fun with Fimo

The penguin and the black and white beads are made by MissKali

The other black and yellow/golden beads made by me :) FUNFUNFUN!!!

Come into my garden...

I'll take you to the flowers...

and let you smell them...

The weather today is so nice; I think it will be like this for some time here in Norway now.. (I hope!!)

Today is chill. I wish the sun was not so hot; wish I could sit outside more; but I get sunburnt so easily... But still; I'll have to be in the sun... At least for some minutes. Am reading a book about Caravaggio. It is so full of pictures -I love watching them and reading about his life and works.

So that is today -just chill. I was out yesterday with Agnes. At first we were drinking some vine in her house and chatting; and then we went to this lokal bar (Ramp). Then for hamburgers and home around 2.30 in the night. A nice-nice evening. Am gonna miss Agnes so much when she moves to Oslo.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitty Wrestling

Happy happy!!

I feel so good today; am not gonna work too much this week; and I have the whole weekend off!! Am thinking of meeting my friend Agnes this weekend (I have to see her); she will be moving to Oslo next week. Am gonna miss her.
So that's my plan; I have no other plans; except doing as much as I can of things that I like doing. I'll be blogging; trying out the Fimo clay I bought today

I also bought these chinese stencil at a craft store in town (I just had to go by after work, even though I didn't have nuf money; I just had to buy them)

It turns out they are to be used on glass; but they worked in my journal too. Right?
and some other pages I made a few days ago... (Peace and harmony)
I received so many nice japanese-looking postcards... the picture in my journal above is one of them.
oh; and this one is not yet finished... Shared joy is double joy!!!

I'll be back to share more soon :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Missy (now with 5 gorgeous kittens!!)

They came today!! (Lucky me came in time to see Missy giving birth to the last girl)

Look how fat she was yesterday!! :D

Video made by neighbour and good-good friend, Miss Kali

Me and my friend... (video made by Miss Kali)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

scrowlscrowl in the sun...

Today I'm just chillin'. The weather is so good; I'm out in the sun. Reading, drinking coffee; smiling.

The other day I tried out the FIMO clay I bought on sale at Panduro hobby. It delayed my sleep; I loved trying out making things in clay. I made 2 fridge magnets; some strange beads and other stuff that could be used for making a necklace.
and there's still more Fimo left "big smile"!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Journaling again...

I've only made backgrounds lately; but today I finished a journal page
and the backgrounds...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My birthday!!

My mum made me a cake!!!
A really sweet cake :)

I just came home yesterday; from Denmark.
I was at the Roskilde festival; and it was a great experience. And I loved Copenhagen!!

Our camp...