Saturday, June 28, 2008

It is getting to midnight here in Norway...

Here's tea for you (I guess you shouldn't be drinking those green drinks all night)!!

Oh; and I do have more cakes left for those of you who are still hungry ;)

I had a great evening partying, eating and drinking tea with you people!!!

cakes are finished...

am now putting candles on the table...

...and I made you drinks!!! :D You can all have as many as you like!!!

Getting ready for a Mad Tea Party!!!

My 3-year old self has started baking for the

Mad Tea Party at Vanessa's.

And I've got some help for my cousins... (3-year old me dressed in red).

We are really working hard for making Vanessa something really sweet for her party!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is how we party...!!!

I just bumped into a party-invitation :D
It's a virtual birthday party; and I'm so happy to get to join!!!
I'm wondering what to wear, and what cake to bake...

Thanks, Vanessa; for letting me join your party :D
We're gonna have so much fun!!!!

Oh, I forgot to say...

this is what has inspired me to make nice-nice entries in my Art Journal "thingy" (posted earlier today)...

WIDE OPEN Inspiration and techniques for art journaling on the edge by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts (check it out at amazon if you like)

I feel like I've learnt so much, and I've added much more color to my pages. Every time I watch/read her cards I get new inspiration... and there is a creativity notebook (with ready-made backgrounds for adding to it, writing, painting drawing, gluing+++ (just anything you feel like)... I just want to leave it like it is for now. I can't see just now how I can put something like my handwriting or a drawing in there; every page is like a treasure, and giving me so many new ideas; especially to how to make backgrounds for my journal. And I love the idea of adding my own photos to the pages...!!!

Rebecca; I wish you knew how happy I am!!!!

I can't understand why I didn't save Rebecca's email-address or her blogname, so that I could get in touch with her and thank her. I may have her mail address ((BIG SMILE))
I am so happy! I don't have words...
I really-really hope she reads this..

I love June...

Tomorrow is my last day at work; before I get myself a little HOLIDAY!!!
Can you see how happy I am?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I spent most of the day with a very good friend

and neighbour. (She lives like 3 minutes walk from here; which is sooo cool!!)

And she has 2 great cats. They are SUPERCUTE!!!

Missing Ghana

Otoolege = a fool because of love

Reggie Rockstone, Beenie Man ++

Oh; how I miss Ghana!!!

Saturday and rain

Am visiting my friend, Karoline. She needed some tools to put her new bed (from Ikea) together. So we did that; and then we went to get some food at a local restaurant and bought take-away cheeseburger MMMM!!
So this is some kind of a lazy day. I was out with some friends yesterday; and it was really really fun. Came home a bit late, of course; and slept for a veryvery long time this morning.
But after eating I feel so much better.

Here are some pages I forgot to post the other day.
I'll go home soon and make some more :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday night blues

It is a sunny day; I have been at work and I have cleaned a bit in the house. I have watered my Mum's plants, and I have listened to one cd of an audiobook by swedish author Henning Mankell.
Now it's like I don't know what to do. i was thinking maybe to go out for a beer, but it seems I'll just stay in... But that's not bad, really!!

Here are some recent pages from my "Life Book"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I made a "latte cozie"

I love drinking my cafe latte from these cups; and now I'll avoid burning my hand...
I was planning to add embroidery or something, but this will do for now. Maybe you'll like one too?? I would be happy to make you one... :)

This weekend's a treasure

I saw Suziblu's newest video and wanted to draw people "suzi-style". I'll try to find my own style soon. I know this looks like a copy of suzi's latest painting (hers is so nice!!!)
Sorry for trying to copy you, suzy!! It's just an act of admiration ;)

I'm not gonna work, I have time to relax.
And I found an old typewriter. it can write in blue AND red. I'm loving it. It feels so good typing. And I'll use it in my journal; it looks great!!

I have been thinking that my journal is too big. I find it hard sometimes, to start journaling. I find it hard to write (mostly because my handwriting sucks!!)
Now that problem is solved!!!

I'll just typewrite and cut out words and sentences.
I wrote a story about sexy chica and mr. man. Where I am the "sexy chica" and "mr. man" is my ex that I just moved from. Now sexy chica has found true happiness, that kind of happiness that mr. man could never give her. She found happiness from within. Nice-nice story, and I'll write many more stories on that typewriter. I'll even do another one today!! And I'll add it in my journal as well. OH JOY!! :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things are getting better...

I'm having tea from the biggest tea-cup EVER (bought at Indiska today).
lovely lovely tea!!

and... I am allowing myself to make uglyugly pages in my journal.
Oh JOY!!