Monday, February 13, 2012

Knitting knitting KNITTING!

I've started a shop with two friends of mine that loves to knit.
 It is so exciting -we are just waiting to see if we will be able to sell something.

All of the things below can be found and bought at

I've knitted a few things already and put them up in the shop:

Since is a Norwegian shop, I'll try to get a few things finished that I can sell at my etsy. Maybe I'll knit a few scarfs and put up some of my Mixed Media Works there. Yey!

I love the yarn I used for the last two scarves.. It is called Ara and it is 100% wool. Soft and light and a lot of fun to knit with+ Yummy colors!!

A few days ago I started knitting something for my boy.
I'm using a yarn called "easy", and I think it will be a fast knit.
I'll snap pictures and blog about it soon!