Thursday, November 29, 2007

Art Journal Pages

My mother said this drawing looks like it is made by a 10 year old... Is that a compliment?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

East African Banana Jam (Marmelade)

I have this nice African Cookbook; so I just had to try and make this Jam-thing.
It turned out a success; I love the taste!! Am planning to give it to someone special for christmas.

You can always ask for the recipe if you feel like :D

Oh; and I've received this wonderful tea's from Bookcrossers in Finland and the Netherlands (and incense; I love incense); making this a good day.

I didn't go to school today; thought I had to prepare myself for a job interview tomorrow (at IKEA). The woman who called said it is gonna be some kind of audition; making me feel a bit scared. 20 other people are coming; and I want that job!!

Well; so I have been preparing for that; thinking about what kind of questions they might ask me, and I guess I'll be just fine :) But "stand on your toes for me" (African way of saying: keep your fingers crossed); just in case...!! OK?

Oh, and I had some fun with my "art journal". (I was inspired by ihanna; and the links she put in her blog today.. TAKK, Ihanna :D ).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My sweetie died today.

My gerbil, Pernilla, just died this morning. I'm oh so sad; it was so hard to see her in pain. But at last she found peace; I'm glad it didn't take long, and very sad because there was nothing I could do!!
I hope she'll like her stay in rat-heaven :) Gonna miss her; she was such a special little ratty.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Full moon

Pretty moon today :)
A postcard my mother got from Germany. Nice, huh?

And a postcard I got yesterday, from Japan!!!


Today is a day for drinking tea, burning incense, reading my book. It is a good day. I like it like this sometimes. I wonder if I will be able to sleep this evening; as I slept almost 4 hours in the day. I guess mixing beer and gin is not a very good idea.

My friends birthday yesterday was really nice! We were around 10 girls (haven't met any of them before; except my friend). She loved the cookies I brought as a present:)

I have now been with my boy for 3 weeks; and it just feels great! He is such a nice guy; I like him more and more every day. And he is smart, and very handsome. He has so many good characters that I like; and he is making me to feel so good! We had some kind of fight yesterday and today. I almost thought everything would be over; so now I'm really happy that we survived that; and that he still cares for me. He is such a special boy; can't wait to get to know him more :)

Things to do:

Upload pictures to facebook and blog
Art journaling and writing
Reading (am now reading a book by Finn Carling) +I have some new interior magazines to read as well. COZY!!!
Drinking more tea and maybe do some knitting
Call my boy ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It has been a while...!

I have to get better at writing, but I have this feeling I'm not much of a writer... I'm not even good at english, but I just like english more than norwegian (and I want more people to be able to read my blog).

My head has been paining me today; and yesterday. Maybe it's just because I wake up to early in the morning (I'm a lazy student, not really used to that). But it is good, of course; to wake up in time :)

I couldn't stay long at school today; I think I left around 12 o'clock (b'cause of my poor head)
But I did some shopping when I passed town on my way home. Not much, just a small notebook; and a big, nice one; that I really like. I don't really know what to write in them, but I just have this thing for notebooks.

When I came home; I just felt like being lazy and sit in the sofa, so i watched "Stardust"; the film based on Neil Gaiman's book. It was a really cute film; I just think I liked the athmosphere in the book more. But Tristan looked exactly like i pictured him in my head while reading. I wonder who played him? (should I be ashamed of not knowing?:)

Am now trying to get my rat (or gerbil) out of the cage, so that she can run free in the kitchen. But it seems she too is being lazy today; she just wants to sleep in her nest; so I won't bother her. The door is still open; so if she feel like, she can go and run a bit... I hope her life is good. She just lost her sister this summer, I hope she doesn't feel too bad being alone. She seems to be ok, I think. She eat a lot. She's a bit fat, really!! Such a cutie :D

I found a book at the library at my university yesterday; I really like it. It is called "A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers". It is a really cute novel, written by Xiaolu Guo. I've never heard about this author before, but I just had to grab the book when I saw it there on the shelf for new books. You should check it out!! It really is cute!!

Tomorrow I have to do so many things. Like paying a bunch of bills, doing laundry, cleaning, apply for jobs etc. (and I should go to school, of course). I was supposed to do it today, but you know how it is with those things that needs to be done... and you know, my head has been paining me today... Well, not all that much of course, but enough for being a bit lazy and relaxed.

Thanks for reading;
and have a great evening!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Drawings...

I don't like this cat much,but this girl is not bad..
Oh, and this is my doll. I just found it in the attics; I used to carry it around everywhere when I was a child. She's gorgeous, isn't she?

Sunday Morning...

Fall, but still flowers in bloom!!
It is still raining; I wonder when it will stop. It was even snowing the other day; but it didn't stay long that snow... I guess it's good that this flower survived :)

This is something I started knitting years ago; I'm so glad I finally got to finish it. It makes a perfect bag for keeping my knitting-stuff!!

Just wanted to show you some of the beads i bought in Ghana (2006). They are beautiful, eh? I will try and take a better picture of them later...

And this is what I read and listen to right now...