Saturday, November 24, 2007


Today is a day for drinking tea, burning incense, reading my book. It is a good day. I like it like this sometimes. I wonder if I will be able to sleep this evening; as I slept almost 4 hours in the day. I guess mixing beer and gin is not a very good idea.

My friends birthday yesterday was really nice! We were around 10 girls (haven't met any of them before; except my friend). She loved the cookies I brought as a present:)

I have now been with my boy for 3 weeks; and it just feels great! He is such a nice guy; I like him more and more every day. And he is smart, and very handsome. He has so many good characters that I like; and he is making me to feel so good! We had some kind of fight yesterday and today. I almost thought everything would be over; so now I'm really happy that we survived that; and that he still cares for me. He is such a special boy; can't wait to get to know him more :)

Things to do:

Upload pictures to facebook and blog
Art journaling and writing
Reading (am now reading a book by Finn Carling) +I have some new interior magazines to read as well. COZY!!!
Drinking more tea and maybe do some knitting
Call my boy ;)

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