Wednesday, November 28, 2007

East African Banana Jam (Marmelade)

I have this nice African Cookbook; so I just had to try and make this Jam-thing.
It turned out a success; I love the taste!! Am planning to give it to someone special for christmas.

You can always ask for the recipe if you feel like :D

Oh; and I've received this wonderful tea's from Bookcrossers in Finland and the Netherlands (and incense; I love incense); making this a good day.

I didn't go to school today; thought I had to prepare myself for a job interview tomorrow (at IKEA). The woman who called said it is gonna be some kind of audition; making me feel a bit scared. 20 other people are coming; and I want that job!!

Well; so I have been preparing for that; thinking about what kind of questions they might ask me, and I guess I'll be just fine :) But "stand on your toes for me" (African way of saying: keep your fingers crossed); just in case...!! OK?

Oh, and I had some fun with my "art journal". (I was inspired by ihanna; and the links she put in her blog today.. TAKK, Ihanna :D ).

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