Thursday, November 15, 2007

It has been a while...!

I have to get better at writing, but I have this feeling I'm not much of a writer... I'm not even good at english, but I just like english more than norwegian (and I want more people to be able to read my blog).

My head has been paining me today; and yesterday. Maybe it's just because I wake up to early in the morning (I'm a lazy student, not really used to that). But it is good, of course; to wake up in time :)

I couldn't stay long at school today; I think I left around 12 o'clock (b'cause of my poor head)
But I did some shopping when I passed town on my way home. Not much, just a small notebook; and a big, nice one; that I really like. I don't really know what to write in them, but I just have this thing for notebooks.

When I came home; I just felt like being lazy and sit in the sofa, so i watched "Stardust"; the film based on Neil Gaiman's book. It was a really cute film; I just think I liked the athmosphere in the book more. But Tristan looked exactly like i pictured him in my head while reading. I wonder who played him? (should I be ashamed of not knowing?:)

Am now trying to get my rat (or gerbil) out of the cage, so that she can run free in the kitchen. But it seems she too is being lazy today; she just wants to sleep in her nest; so I won't bother her. The door is still open; so if she feel like, she can go and run a bit... I hope her life is good. She just lost her sister this summer, I hope she doesn't feel too bad being alone. She seems to be ok, I think. She eat a lot. She's a bit fat, really!! Such a cutie :D

I found a book at the library at my university yesterday; I really like it. It is called "A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers". It is a really cute novel, written by Xiaolu Guo. I've never heard about this author before, but I just had to grab the book when I saw it there on the shelf for new books. You should check it out!! It really is cute!!

Tomorrow I have to do so many things. Like paying a bunch of bills, doing laundry, cleaning, apply for jobs etc. (and I should go to school, of course). I was supposed to do it today, but you know how it is with those things that needs to be done... and you know, my head has been paining me today... Well, not all that much of course, but enough for being a bit lazy and relaxed.

Thanks for reading;
and have a great evening!!

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