Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Creative Space

I was having a very dull evening. My room was a mess; I was stressing about my master thesis; which I should have been working on. Then I saw SuziBlu's video on youtube (the video on making a creative space).

I found an old table in the attics; and some unusable "space" in my room beetween my wardrobe and my tv (a space that is never used for nothing). Then I moved all my "artsy stuff" there; it turned out just PERRRFECT :D

The picture below is my desk before; always messy, full of painting, journals, paper scraps and stuff. With no place for studying (where would I put my books in all this mess?).

I have a cold

Am staying home for a few days; just to get better. I enjoy the long, lazy morning hours.
Yesterday I started knitting a pair of baby socks..

and I finished what was supposed to be socks or "leggings". (see pic below)
I'm a very impatient girl. I couldn't stand the thought of knitting another sock, it was going so slowly(I think I started this knitting-project at New Years Eve 2008).

So I changed my plans, and I don't regret it for a second. This is what I wanted; this is exactly what I needed right now...:D
Look at my new cap!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Been playing with my Art Journal again

It looks like this page could need some writing...

This last two pictures are postcards I made. funfun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

For my evening tea

I picked some leaves from my Mom's Stevia plant; dried them in the oven for some hours

et voila!!

Can't wait to crush those very dry leafs and sprinkle them in my tea instead of sugar


Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll just throw in some more pic's

This is just another girl I drew. (I used watercolor pencils for the face; gel medium and acrylic paint for the dress). Cute, isn't she?

Some more girls (The butterflies were made with my new stencil and pigment ink)
Here are some backgrounds I made in my Art Journal. I just love the acrylics I bought yesterday. I couldn't buy more than 3 colors (Pale Violet, Powder Blue and Silver). The silver one is perfect for layering, the other two colors are not that easy to see through, unless you use much much water.

and this last pic is a doodle I made at work at Norstat, which is a call center. That job is a bit boring. I normally read, but it is a bit hard to do that while calling people; so I brought one of my journals this time..

Visiting Miss Kali and her kitties

Missy (the Mom)

How I spent yesterday evening...

I was surprised to find Distress Ink at a local hobby shop (Panduro Hobby); I bought the black one...
Ant these acrylic colors; They are one million times better than those cheep one's that I've used before. I love how fast they dry :)
I decorated some paper with ink and acrylic colors. This is how they turned out. They're a bit curly now, but I'll put them under some bigbig book to make them flat..
I also bought a butterfly stencil; this is how I used it as a background in my Art Journal

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Play everyday

Spend some time everyday; and do things you love doing. It will make your life so full of joy, I promise you that...

This is what I like doing..

Above is a homemade postcard made by me and sent to the U.S. Visit to see how you can send and receive postcards from around the world.

This book is a childrens book written by Tove Jansson. I loved the original drawings made by the author; she was such a big talent (died in 2001).

Monday, September 8, 2008

New week...

This weekend has been great; Agnes was here Thursday to Sunday. We have been eating nice African food (fufu and peanut soup). It tastes sooo good :D; and we have been partying for three days. So much fun!!
I bought watercolor paper, and have been working on this for about a week, I think. I know I am doing something wrong here; especially the background. I just can't wait to see SuziBlu's next video for Le Petite Dolls Workshop. It is about layering... Yey!! :D I have so much to learn...
detail from the above picture... The shading is not perfect yet; but I'll practice more.


I was just walking home from work one evening;
when I saw this on the street in front of me..
It must be a sign.
So that was last week...

Monday now; new week :D

My plan for this week:
Start to finish my masters.
Go to school at least once a week
Buy wood burner, birch wood and acrylic paints
Buy new clothes (shoes, sweater etc)
Norstat Party on Saturday