Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll just throw in some more pic's

This is just another girl I drew. (I used watercolor pencils for the face; gel medium and acrylic paint for the dress). Cute, isn't she?

Some more girls (The butterflies were made with my new stencil and pigment ink)
Here are some backgrounds I made in my Art Journal. I just love the acrylics I bought yesterday. I couldn't buy more than 3 colors (Pale Violet, Powder Blue and Silver). The silver one is perfect for layering, the other two colors are not that easy to see through, unless you use much much water.

and this last pic is a doodle I made at work at Norstat, which is a call center. That job is a bit boring. I normally read, but it is a bit hard to do that while calling people; so I brought one of my journals this time..

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