Monday, September 8, 2008

New week...

This weekend has been great; Agnes was here Thursday to Sunday. We have been eating nice African food (fufu and peanut soup). It tastes sooo good :D; and we have been partying for three days. So much fun!!
I bought watercolor paper, and have been working on this for about a week, I think. I know I am doing something wrong here; especially the background. I just can't wait to see SuziBlu's next video for Le Petite Dolls Workshop. It is about layering... Yey!! :D I have so much to learn...
detail from the above picture... The shading is not perfect yet; but I'll practice more.


I was just walking home from work one evening;
when I saw this on the street in front of me..
It must be a sign.
So that was last week...

Monday now; new week :D

My plan for this week:
Start to finish my masters.
Go to school at least once a week
Buy wood burner, birch wood and acrylic paints
Buy new clothes (shoes, sweater etc)
Norstat Party on Saturday

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Miss Kali said...

Thank u soooo much for a great weekend ;D