Monday, May 26, 2008

Evening with no TV

and so much time for art journaling and reading inspirational blogs.
Am now drinking zeylon tea and I have a few more hours to spend before I have to go to sleep. :) Today is for relaxing; tomorrow is work (in two different jobs --phuuuu). But I'll manage... As always!!

Some pages I did today. I made them with the new acrylic colors and markers I bought today...

on this one (below) I added glitter-glue (also bought today) and some stars+a moon.

Three journals.
The big red one is lined, but the paper is a bit thick. Am planning to use it for some kind of glue-book or diary. I love writing in that one and adding small collages.

The big tourquise one is my Visual/art Journal (where I use gesso, acrylics, rubber stamps, collage etc). -It is my favourite... it has blank, thick pages; and it can easily lay flat; which makes it easier to journal in it..

...and the small red one (at the bottom) is the one that is mostly like a diary. I also keep some lists there and some other things (like quotes, poems etc) that I feel like writing down...

The art supplies I bought today :D As you can see; I am already enjoying all this new, funny stuff...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad days...

But I know that in a short while, it will all be good. That's how life is.

Another page in my journal that I just finished this moment

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hipp hipp Hurraaa for 17 mai!!! :D

3 pages in my new "Life Book"... I'm not stressing, trying to make it as nice as I can. I just found out watercolor-pencils work out sooo good on Gesso. Happy!! (even if the ones I have are cheap-cheap ones).

Not yet finished... But oooh; I love that bath-tub (cut out from magazine)

A home-made postcard (sorry Bush) I loved making it, gonna make many many more of them :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

After work today I bought some few things in town

I don't know where to put those.. On curtains maybe. They are cute, though...

I've started on my next new journal. I love working on a bigger format; and I'm trying to make it look nice. This page is not yet finished. I had so much fun tearing paper that I had painted first (see below), making this nice sky. I want to keep the flower; but something needs to be done to the blue square and the butterfly-thingy. I don't like them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

suziblu inspired me to make myself this YUMMYYUMMY cake for breakfast

Want a bite?


Pics of the last few pages in my Art Journal 1

An ode to my grandmother on her 82 birthday (yesterday). She is the one in the middle, me am on the left (this pic is old) and my cousin on the right.

My art journal 1 is done...

I tried making a video with my digital camera; but came only half in my journal

The rest I'll show you in pictures

A really really bad film; I know. Am now charging my camera, will try to make another one. And with music; instead of the washing-machine in the background (it really is NOT me breathing that hard!!) :D

My first time of posting video clip -ever... YEY!!

Believe me -there is a BIGBIG progress from those first pages in my journal, to the latest ones.
I'm very proud of myself for doing this. I never considered myself an "artist person". But I am!! YEY for that!!

I'm proud of every single page of this journal (I'm not trying to compare my works to the rest of you -then mine will just look like a big FAILURE "grin") ..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today's The Day!!!

I know I tend to say this a lot. But today IS good. (maybe I use it as some kind of affirmation; trying to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Yesterday was sunny; I spent the afternoon reading in the sun (Dangerous Love by Ben Okri) and drinking two bigbig glasses of white wine. Yum-yum!! Later I did manymany pages in my "Art Journal" (I'll post some of them later)
My journal 1 is almost finished -but I have that new one just waiting. YEY for that too!!

I just moved back to Mom's house. I painted the room (I hated that yellow color).
I feel like such a big looser; moving out from my boyfriend after only 5 months. But hopefully things will work out better for us this way. YES; I am pretty sad...

Have been watching SuziBlu Videos this morning; they make me cry sometimes (funny, heh?). Today they did. And I'm inspired too... This day is GOOD!!
and tomorrow is off; which means not going to work. YEY!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More journal pages...

I bought some stamps!! I want to use them everywhere :D

Crying for more...

Just to post

here are some art journal pages.
I know they are not perfect; but I'm having so much fun creating them!!

My first journal is almost full; and I have bought a new one... I'm still struggling to finish this one; but believe me, that new one is always trying to tempt me. But i won't start it until this one is finshed -I promise. Look how fat it's getting!!

Potato fun