Monday, May 12, 2008

My art journal 1 is done...

I tried making a video with my digital camera; but came only half in my journal

The rest I'll show you in pictures

A really really bad film; I know. Am now charging my camera, will try to make another one. And with music; instead of the washing-machine in the background (it really is NOT me breathing that hard!!) :D

My first time of posting video clip -ever... YEY!!

Believe me -there is a BIGBIG progress from those first pages in my journal, to the latest ones.
I'm very proud of myself for doing this. I never considered myself an "artist person". But I am!! YEY for that!!

I'm proud of every single page of this journal (I'm not trying to compare my works to the rest of you -then mine will just look like a big FAILURE "grin") ..


katie said...

Fantastic book! Is is sooo hard not to compare yourself with others, isn't it? I beat myself up with stupid thoughts like that every day. Grr!!

katie said...

btw, I came over from Suzi's blog. Wanted to get some cake for breakfast. :)