Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today's The Day!!!

I know I tend to say this a lot. But today IS good. (maybe I use it as some kind of affirmation; trying to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Yesterday was sunny; I spent the afternoon reading in the sun (Dangerous Love by Ben Okri) and drinking two bigbig glasses of white wine. Yum-yum!! Later I did manymany pages in my "Art Journal" (I'll post some of them later)
My journal 1 is almost finished -but I have that new one just waiting. YEY for that too!!

I just moved back to Mom's house. I painted the room (I hated that yellow color).
I feel like such a big looser; moving out from my boyfriend after only 5 months. But hopefully things will work out better for us this way. YES; I am pretty sad...

Have been watching SuziBlu Videos this morning; they make me cry sometimes (funny, heh?). Today they did. And I'm inspired too... This day is GOOD!!
and tomorrow is off; which means not going to work. YEY!!

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