Saturday, June 14, 2008

This weekend's a treasure

I saw Suziblu's newest video and wanted to draw people "suzi-style". I'll try to find my own style soon. I know this looks like a copy of suzi's latest painting (hers is so nice!!!)
Sorry for trying to copy you, suzy!! It's just an act of admiration ;)

I'm not gonna work, I have time to relax.
And I found an old typewriter. it can write in blue AND red. I'm loving it. It feels so good typing. And I'll use it in my journal; it looks great!!

I have been thinking that my journal is too big. I find it hard sometimes, to start journaling. I find it hard to write (mostly because my handwriting sucks!!)
Now that problem is solved!!!

I'll just typewrite and cut out words and sentences.
I wrote a story about sexy chica and mr. man. Where I am the "sexy chica" and "mr. man" is my ex that I just moved from. Now sexy chica has found true happiness, that kind of happiness that mr. man could never give her. She found happiness from within. Nice-nice story, and I'll write many more stories on that typewriter. I'll even do another one today!! And I'll add it in my journal as well. OH JOY!! :D

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