Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy happy!!

I feel so good today; am not gonna work too much this week; and I have the whole weekend off!! Am thinking of meeting my friend Agnes this weekend (I have to see her); she will be moving to Oslo next week. Am gonna miss her.
So that's my plan; I have no other plans; except doing as much as I can of things that I like doing. I'll be blogging; trying out the Fimo clay I bought today

I also bought these chinese stencil at a craft store in town (I just had to go by after work, even though I didn't have nuf money; I just had to buy them)

It turns out they are to be used on glass; but they worked in my journal too. Right?
and some other pages I made a few days ago... (Peace and harmony)
I received so many nice japanese-looking postcards... the picture in my journal above is one of them.
oh; and this one is not yet finished... Shared joy is double joy!!!

I'll be back to share more soon :)

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Ana Magdalena Perez said...

wow, you're work is so beautiful! Nice blog. Great going!