Monday, February 22, 2010

"sewn junk journal " -giveaway

Wouldn't it be fun to journal in this one?
adding text, paint, stickers and wishlists?
Do you want my homemade journal?
yeeeey!! I'll do a draw... :)

Write a comment to this blogpost to enter.


Anonymous said...

Jeg blir veldig gjerne med i trekningen - så kreativ du er!

babelfisk said...

It looks lovely! I'd love to have it. I'm in!
(And if I don't win, could you please tell me how it's done!?)

Anonymous said...

I really like it. What a nice idea. May I also please enter the draw? My bookcrossing name is chamonix44

Thank you for doing this draw.

Marie aka Grams said...

You are one creative lady. I found your blog from iHanna and joined the postcard swap, too. Thanks for the fun ideas. I look forward to more.

Deepswamp said...

Såg härlig ut!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Den ser helt underbar ut! =)


Anonymous said...

This is really nice. Would love to enter for it too please :)
BC name is sshahid

Anonymous said...

I love it! Its beautiful!
Please may I enter?

hingrald said...

Mycket kreativ kvinna och produkt. Klart att jag vill vara med i dragningen!

hingrald said...

Verkligen fin. Du är en kreativ kvinna. Jag vill vara med i utlottningen.

Anonymous said...

it is beautiful indeed!
I would love to enter, if I may.
And I would also like to know how you made it ^_^
My BC name is Alassante

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Bascula from BookCrossing. How lovely! How imaginative! I wish my mind would become free enough to make something like this.... but I seem to be more of the analytical type with the artistic part struggling to get out. Oh well, I can enjoy your imaginings.

Susan said...

It's lovely! I'm hoping to make something similar one day.

Bookcrossing name is jumpingin

berlois said...

Hi! It's Loey from bookcrossing here. How talented you are to be able to create such works of art. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

You are truly talented. I love your work. Awesome!

Loey from bookcrossing