Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Things

1: Homemade bookstrings

2: Current page in a small journal

3: Altered Book Journal (am planning to make the cover nice too)

4: Page inside my altered book journal (lying on my desk to dry)

5: A print I bought from iHannas etzy-shop (hanging on my wall)

I love this owl collage!!

6: Small plate bought at a thrift store in town because I loved the color

7: Mirror bought in Ghana (with Adinkra symbol)

Siamese crocodile: "sharing the same stomach -yet they fight for food"

8: My first try at woodburning (done on wood not made for woodburning, cause I could never get my hands on the "real stuff")

9: Something I found in the attic (it belonged to my mom)

10: Messy Vision Board


Make-a-life said...

Cool wood burning!How did you do that?

scrowlscrowl said...

I think I made a scetch with a pencil first, then I used the woodburner. I'm not happy with the result myself (look at the strange eyes :P ). I guess it would get better with a little bit of practise. Too bad I haven't used my woodburner since then...