Thursday, November 10, 2011

November is Art Every Day Month!

I have three "projects" that I'm working on right now. A pillow for a friend who just moved in to a new apartment. I've just learnt to knit like this.
It is a lot of fun, actually.

 And cotton trousers for my son. He will be 10 months old in 7 days. Oh how time flies!
I have the last leg to knit+some cool pockets, then I'm done. 

This is a collage I made one evening in the beginning of November. I glued papers, added stickers, then painted over it with light gesso. The result got so dull, I think the whole thing needs more color. I'm not sure what to do, but I've gotta do something. 
 I could also leave it just as it is, to remind me that I didn't make it for the end result.
I was in "the flow" and I had fun making it.

So today is Day 11 of AEDM (Art Every Day Month). Am hoping to do at least one thing creative today.
I might be working on one of the 3 projects above (or all of them), or I'll do something completely different.
Hopefully I'll do something.

I'll let you know in my next post  -coming soon!

See ya later... -alligator!

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Fourborne said...

I love the design in the pillow.