Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewn Junk Journal Revisited

I'm still working on this -making it ready, pretty and usable for the winner.
The draw is still open (closing march 15'th)
I would be happy-happy if more people could join!! :)

The inside is changing day by day...
I want it to look pretty and to make some good space for notes, sketches or whatever you like to put inside there.

But the cover is still the same...

I'm trying to make it pretty and usable for the winner.

Comment on one of my blogposts about this journal and join the draw!! :P
One lucky winner will be picked on march 15'th.
Good luck!


Adopting1Soon said...

Am I the first to comment?

So is this a jjournal to write in? It looks too pretty to write in. Are you sticking all sorts of fabrics and things in there? Looks great! I want to win! I came here via Bookcrossing. My name is Mikavr and my email is (just in case I win:-)

Deepswamp said...

Så underbar!

Anonymous said...

I found you at Willowings ning site...please enter me in the giveaway...thansk!

Anonymous said...

Ååååh vad en är fiiin!! =) Vill ha! =)


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Sign me up!

Jenny Lee said...

Hello Ashild!

Thank you so much for letting me know you got the postcard! I'm so glad you like it! You have beautiful art on your blog, love the pictures!



Joyce said...

This is an awesome junque journal. I am jumping into the mix. Came to visit through Marys blog. Happy happies.

iHanna said...

:-P I recoginize the dots in one of the papers, I think I've got a piece of that one now in my stash! :-) Your journal is so pretty!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece of work. I know I am waaaaaay to late for being a lucky winner but only just found you via Ihanna`s blog. Any chance to swap a journal ? Am making journals with scrapbook papers, muslin, paints, etc (a la Julie Pritchard)
best, Sophie, Dubai

Anonymous said...

love it. Am way too late, only found you now while browsing Ihanna. Any chance of swapping a journal ?
Sophie, Dubai