Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm sewing another journal...

That's the reason why I slept for too long this morning.
The cover is fabric... Two Japanese (?) women at tea time.
Pretty papers on the inside.

and papers that have been lying around for too long...

Sewing is fun!!


Anonymous said...

So cool ! Love it. Can`t wait to see the result

nanke's stuff said...

This will be so cool when it's finished! nancy

Anonymous said...

I leave you my details in case you fancy to swap a handmade journal. Would be cool ! Sophie from Dubai

scrowlscrowl said...

Thank you all so much!
I kind of like the result myself :)
can't wait till I finish my current journals, then I can start using it! Am already planning for some cafe-writing...:)

Sofie: It would be fun to see how you make your journals. Do you have a flickr-account perhaps?