Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here in Trondheim the weather is crazy cold right now. We have loads of snow and it's a perfect day to stay inside those four walls all covered up in cozy blankets, surrounding the room with candlelights to help keep you warm... YEY!! :)
This is the view from my window right now...
Can you see how could it is?

What direction will you take this year? is all in your hand. You can do whateter you want to do with your life. Make good wishes, most likely they will come true...!

...and if something like this shows up in front of you...don't be afraid to take it in your hand, turn it around...and look at it carefully...

You'll be surprised of what you see...

The fact that I found this walking around on an island in Hitra, still amazes me.

SOL meaning SUN in Norwegian!!

Can you read it too?

Isn't that an increadibly amazing message nature has given me (and all of us)!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year with many days filled with warm sunshine and happiness!!


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