Friday, November 7, 2008

I wish

I had a good camera, so that I could show you the northern lights; how it looks right now...

I am spending a week in the north of Norway, visting my grandparents. It is really relaxing. Not much to do here, except eating, sleeping, reading, talking. I enjoy listening to their stories from years back. My grandparents are so wise!! I have so much to learn from them..

It gets dark here really early; I should get up earlier in the morning to get as much daylight as possible (I get a bit tired in this darkness).
But I enjoy reading in bed before I sleep, sometimes it gets a bit late. I brought many-many good books for my holiday :P

My granparents usually take naps in the evening, in front of the tv (with the volume real loud)... I spend this time with My Book (my "Art Journal"). It is getting thick and heavy now. I almost left it at home when I traveled; but my friend told me to bring it. I`m glad my friend knows me so well.... The chance is I could go crazy without it.

I`ll be back in Trondheim on November 17. I can`t post pictures untill then.
Untill then I`ll relax and take the day as it comes. Making no plans for tomorrow. It feels so good!!

Have a nice weekend

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Linnea said...

I wish I could see the northern lights, too!
have fun :o)