Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm ready for August!!

I bought a new watch today. Nice huh? So I'm now busy checking the time every 20 minutes:D I've wanted a watch for such a long time now. And I got payed today; and thought I should buy myself a "summer gift".
Did you buy yourself a gift lately? I think you deserve it!!!

Actually I planned to post some art journal pages here today; but then I realized I've only made backgrounds lately; so those pages will come later...

I've made some Polymer clay things this week. Have a look :)

If you like them; and post a comment here; I'll make a draw ;)
But really, they are not perfect, and they may have my fingerprints on them. (I don't have those kind of fancy Fimo Clay roller and all that stuff). So if you like Not-so-perfect fimo-clay-things, then post a comment ;) You might win yourself a "Summer Gift"!!

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