Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Postcards from around the world...

From Portugal:

From South Dakota, USA:

From Germany:

From Australia:

and another one from Germany:

WOW! I love all 5 postcards. Thanks to those who made them and sent them my way! :D


beatrice said...

great to see this! I am glad you liked it and that the birdy arrived save to its new home!


hedy said...

Nice to see all the different postcards and know that mine has arrived safely as well.Regards from Cairns, Australia!

iHanna said...

Haha, what a wonderful variety of postcards, some of these I hadn't seen before (maybe not all have blogs). Thanks for sharing them!

manysmalldots said...

Hello! Your gorgeous postcard arrived today - a very gloomy, rainy, autumnal morning made brighter with the arrival of your Buddha card. Thank you! And your son is beautiful :)

Angel Tousignant said...

Bonjour, votre carte postale est enfin arrivé au Canada, merci beaucoup, je l'aime beaucoup. Votre bébé est adorable..