Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When you wish upon a star...

-on making unconscious wishes & the happiness when they come true.

This is a page from my handsewn "Crap Journal". It was made some time late in March..
I used various paper for collage and painted with acrylic paint. The cat was colored with water-soluble wax pastels from Caran D'ache.

It is not especially pretty this page...
...but isn't it kind of funny how you can let your mind rest and things happen coincidentally when you are in the "flow" of creating.

I never planned for the cat and the text on that page, it all happened unintentionally. Sometimes I think it is my unconsciousness trying to tell me something. I know I've wanted a cat in my life again since the day I was 11 years old and had to part with the cat I'd had in my life for 9 years. That was the saddest moment for me...! kind of like losing my best friend.

I never planned for a cat in my life right now (even though I want it), but things kind of start happening when you make a wish (even without knowing in the process of doing it). 2-3 weeks later, The Universe started working to make my wishes come true. If you want to know what happened, you can read my previous post.

This was just what I needed. I hope it lasts forever!

Thank you Universe!!!
I love you



Janet said...

The Universe has a way of doing that! It gives you what you ask for. What a sweet little kitten. That face is just adorable....who could resist it! Good for you for taking the kittens and giving them a home even temporarily.

Ingrid said...

ohmygoodness. these kitties are just about the sweetest i've ever seen! i'm so happy that you not only had a dream come true, but that these babies did, too - they've got a new humana mama who will love them with all her heart!