Friday, November 13, 2009

AEDM: Day 13: This is not a scrapbook... :P

It's a crap-book (lol). I've made it with junk paper (even old newspapers and magazines) a while back. I am now working on the pages to make them ready to journal/draw/collage/paint/write on. This journal is much easier to carry around in a bag than my fat thick journals that I'm working on now. But I'll have to start this journal (below) very soon, since this year is almost coming to an end... I bet I'll have fun! :D

I am still not finished knitting this newspaper-bin (or what should I call it?) somewhere to put newspapers... But I'm almost there. Can't wait to see how it looks when I finish felting....! :D

And these are a few pages in my Art Journal that I'm working on today.


Susie said...

Crap journal? What a unique way to name it since you are reusing "crap" instead of pitching it. Your journal pages are nice. I am just starting a journal.

Sherrie Phillips said...

I love the "crap book". I may start one of my own! Looks great and like you are having fun with it. This is funny, the verification word is "undamit". Maybe that is a clue for the name of a journal!

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

How completely and totally FUN a crap book!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant. Love what you've done with the pages so far... will look forward to seeing more for AEDM, too. Thank you, too, for your well wishes on your visit to the Mother Henna blog. I'm much more human tonight :) Art On!