Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working in my new "Art Journal"

it is an altered book; a book I bought at a thrift store in town.
it is funny how my style change with the book. I am no longer working on plain white paper, which means the pages have to be covered (at least parts of them) with gesso, acrylics, watercolors, scrap papers etc.
kind of funny

I haven't done so much drawing and writing yet, but I'm sure I'll try that out too

Here are a few of the backgrounds I've made in my altered book art journal:


Kirk Mathew Gatzka said...

Hi! I really enjoyed looking at your Art journal pages. I imagine you will wrtie some interesting words to add to your stylized pages. Nicely done!


scrowlscrowl said...

Thanks! Am glad to hear you liked my pages.
and yes; they will definitely be filled with words and stuff. I'll probably even post the pictures here..