Friday, January 9, 2009

...for a crafty weekend!

My desk today.This Art Journal below was started in May 2008...
I love how big it's getting

Who needs to buy scrapbook papers, when you can print your dress!!
Have you tried yet?
I've started my next Journal already (even though the other one is not finished yet)
I'm altering a book this time.
This is one of the first pages(below)
I think it reflexts how messy my life has been the last few days, my thoughts are everywhere at the same time, making me feel very very tired.
The rest of this month, I will try to focus more on what is important for me.
I have books to get back to, a master thesis to finish, and my job.
But I'll have fun too!!
You know you should :)

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JuliaRose said...

Hi Ashild,
Thanks for the lovely comment...yes, I am using acrylics to journal...
I have your journal from Yoli, arrived yesterday...will send off by next Monday to Dyan in the U.K.....xx