Friday, December 12, 2008

This time of the year -again!!

and I am so stressed; I don't know where to be and what to do. I want to do all things at the same time, and still I seem to get almost nothing done (and my neck is so so tense)....

Am not yet finished christmas-shopping; and my money is getting short (I'll kjust have to relax with that christmas shopping for a few days). Am now trying to do some cleaning, removing some "tons" of dust in the living-room. It feels good doing some things, but I am not getting rid of the stress!!
Some advice would be cooool :)

I just came by for a quick post, to let you know I haven't forgotten my blog.
Have been working crazy-crazy the last two weeks.
Can't wait for christmas to come with time for doing cozy cozy things. Then I'll have time for posting pictures, playing with paints in MY BOOK etc.

I made a collage thingy on a small stretched canvas the other day. Can't wait to show you the picture; but that will have to wait till after christmas....
So not much time for art journaling these days. I still have some older pages I want to post pictures of. Am really not happy with some of the journal pages I posted in my last post.
But I decided to post them anyway. Nothing in life is perfect all the time; and that's how it should be. And I'm soso happy it's like that. Perfect can be pretty boring, right?

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